JetBacker™ Board

Gain the nano-ceramic edge.

With proven performance in nearly 100,000 buildings, it’s time to get behind JetBacker. Comprised of a naturally occurring mineral JetBacker is sustainably manufactured using our proprietary nano-ceramic technology for impeccable consistency and quality, form the molecular level up.

Not just green, its 2x green.

JetBacker is twice as green, it’s eco-friendly and the only people friendly backer board. JetBacker delivers powerful moisture and mold resistance, naturally, without toxic chemical. Moisture prone rooms stay cleaner and healthier without mold lurking behind tiles.

Jet Backer outlasts & outperforms for “water without worry”.

For rooms that revolve around water JetBacker is the superior choice to protect the integrity of walls, counters, floors and any other tiled areas. Decay of gypsum backer in the presence of moisture is inevitable; instead the proprietary formulation of JetBacker is immune to water and cannot harbor mold or mildew.

The safest option for contractors & homeowners.

Water resistant gypsum and most cement boards pose threats to human health. Toxic chemicals are added to gypsum board in an attempt to achieve the level of water resistance that JetBacker delivers naturally. These chemicals are in addition to the VOC’s and heavy metals often found in gypsum board. Portland cement is also hazardous due to the toxic crystalline silica dust released when cut which can cause silicosis, a deadly condition.

Lightweight and a “snap” to work with.

Unlike heavy Portland cement, JetBacker is lightweight. It can be cut easily using the “score and snap” method for a clean edge, and doesn’t require special tools or fasteners.